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Bangla street, phuket

The most popular party strip in Phuket - Bangla Street gets high on energy as the sun sets. Located right across Pa Tong beach, it's one of the most incredible place to explore Phuket's nightlife

White Lightning
White Lightning

This street has an array of pubs, bars, restaurants, live music and 'ping pong shows' to go for. Let's check out the best things to do here!

White Lightning

Why stick to one pub when there are multiple options around? Hop from one pub to the other to explore and meet new people

Pub hopping

You'll find a plenty of street artists performing rap, hip-hop, Karaoke and much more

Street performance

A lot of pubs have offer 'Ping Pong Shows' which is sort of a strip club cum pole dancing arena

pole dance

Live music is pretty common in most of the pubs and the local artists are truly phenomenal

live music

Orange Lightning

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