The best 7-day Andaman Itinerary

In this 7-day Andaman itinerary, you’d be covering 5 major islands, 8 pristine beaches, 3 historical sites and many water activities all along. The Andaman group of islands is the northern part of the Indian Andaman and Nicobar archipelago situated in the Bay of Bengal with Port Blair as the capital city. It is easily accessible by air through Veer Savarkar International Airport in the capital and can also be reached by a 3 to 4 day ship journey from the ports of Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai.

This tropical vacation site offers several sandy and rocky beaches, extreme water sports, sea cruises and other natural wonders. The turquoise waters and the coral beaches definitely emanate Maldives vibes! The Andamans also house a deep connection with India’s struggle for independence from the British. In this 7-day Andaman itinerary, we recommend making 4 hotel reservations; 1 each in Havelock and Neil islands and 2 in Port Blair to get the most out of this trip. Taxis should be preferred over scooter rentals due to the distances involved.

Let’s get started with the details on this 7-day Andaman itinerary!

Day 1: Arrive in Port Blair and take the local tour

After landing in Port Blair around noon, check into your hotel #1. Take your lunch and kick off your trip by touring Port Blair. While there are several points of interest here, we’d recommend covering two of them – Cellular Jail and Corbyn’s Cove Beach.

Cellular Jail, also known as Kala Pani (literally translating to ‘black water’) was a prison constructed around 1906 meant particularly for political prisoners and intended for their social isolation. It’s a 3-story prison where the inmates were primarily Indian freedom fighters. At the entrance, there’s a museum cum photo gallery depicting the atrocities committed by the colonial power. The gallows used for execution by hanging have been kept intact.

You can also see and enter the cell where the freedom fighter Veer Savarkar is said to have been exiled. You can also enter into one of the claustrophobic cells to experience them yourself. There’s a sound-and-light show with distinct timings for Hindi and English. Everyone in the audience leaves the scene with held high and tears in their eyes.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach, located roughly 6 km from Cellular Jail is filled with array of coconut trees with Japanese bunkers on the side. It’s excellent for an evening stroll or can be visited for water sports like parasailing. Additionally, you can take a speedboat ride to the Snake Island. We recommend hiring one of the available photographers to capture photos while on the speedboat. The cove looks very picturesque when viewed from the Snake island. If the time does not permit, Corbyn’s Cove can also be covered on day 6 of this Andaman itinerary.

Day 2: Visit North Bay and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island (Ross Island)

Start your day early and take an hour long boat ride from Port Blair to North Bay coral islands. This island is particularly popular for water sports and amusements such as parasailing, snorkeling, semi-submarine cruise, scuba diving and sea walking. We recommend keeping scuba diving for day-4 in this Andaman itinerary. However, do go for sea walking where you get to walk on the sea bed amidst colourful aquatic life and real world pearls wearing a heavy, round-glass faced astronaut-like head gear which acts both as life support as well as additional weight.

Right on the island, you can also visit a lighthouse which was featured in the previous generation 20-Rupee Indian currency note (although from a distance). It’s a small 10 minute hike to the lighthouse and you can spend some time away from the bustle of tourists on the island.

Take another hour-long boat ride to visit Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island (previously known as Ross Island) which was the first administrative settlement of the British in the Andamans. This island met it’s ill fate thrice – first during Japanese bombings in World War 2, then due to an earthquake in 1942 and later in 2004 due to tsunami. Ross Island is now a beautiful, ruined ghost town inhabited by herds of deer brought in to the island by the Britishers. You can either walk around the island or take an electric cart; we recommend taking the latter.

Day 3: Head to Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island)

Check out of your hotel in Port Blair and head to another gem of an island – the Havelock by a 2.5 hours ferry ride. Check into your hotel #2 and head over to Radhanagar Beach.

It’s one of the most well maintained and clean beaches in the Andamans and the most suitable for taking a swim. Changing rooms and toilets are available at minimal rates and there’s a plenty of space to sit and lounge around. While going back, don’t forget to indulge yourself in local roadside snacks near the parking area. It also offers a great sunset view.

If you have time on hand, move over to Kalapathar Beach located around half and hour away by road. This rocky beach is most popular for its sunrise views and early risers can also opt to visit here next day morning. We recommend booking a hotel that comes with a private beach (there are a lot of less expensive options) and ask them to arrange for light, music and beachside dinner. If you’re traveling as a couple, they can also arrange for a romantic honeymoon dinner. After dinner, take adequate rest to prepare for the awaiting adventure the next morning.

Day 4: Take a boat ride to Elephant Beach

Brace yourself for the most eventful day in this 7-day Andaman Itinerary!

After soaking in the rays of the rising sun on Kalapathar Beach, have a quick and a very light breakfast and gear up for the first adventure of the day – scuba diving. The corals Andaman make it a perfect spot for scuba and the Havelock island adds another layer to the experience – the clear turquoise waters, rich aquatic flora and fauna and most importantly, lesser tourist rush. Reach the spot at designated hour get up close and personal with the marine life. You’ll find plenty of Nemos here!

While there are many companies offering the dive, our recommendation is Island Divers in the heart of Havelock. They are rated 4.90 on Google Reviews and are a bunch of extremely professional divers – everything is smooth right from briefing to training to the final diving experience. There’s always a one-to-one co-diver tagged along. And not to forget, the photography skills of the divers are commendable.

Next, head to another major water sporting hub in the Andamans – Elephant Beach. It can be reached in two ways – either through a 45-60 minute guided hike from the centre of Havelock or taking a 20-30 minute fibre boat ride from the jetty. We strongly recommend the former as the trail is beautiful and the hike is super easy even for beginners. Hotels are mostly able to arrange for a guide or alternatively, look for aplenty options available online.

Elephant beach takes you aback by the sheer beauty of its clear waters, white sands and by the lush greenery around. Here, you’d be spoilt for choices when opting for a water sport activity. To start with, go for a complimentary snorkeling that comes with your ferry ride. If you like it (I’m sure you’d) you can go for the paid one in deep waters. You can then opt for sea walk in case you had missed it in day-2 of this Andaman itinerary. The other available water sports are sea walk, Jet Ski, banana boat ride, parasailing, seaplane ride and many more.

Tickets for the rides are needed to be purchased from the ticket counters to ensure you pay the price fixed by the authorities and to avoid touting by the vendors. You’ll get locker rooms and changing rooms all along the beach. Head back to your hotel after exploring Elephant Beach.

Day 5: Set out for Shaheed Dweep (Neil Island)

Post breakfast, take the hour long ferry ride to Shaheed Dweep (erstwhile Neil Island) and check in to your hotel #3. Head out for the quiet and a little rocky Laxmanpur Beach and have your lunch in one of the many bistros near the parking.

After spending some time here, head to Natural Bridge, or Howrah Bridge as called by the locally settled Bengalis. Do note, that if you’re arriving in a mini bus or a traveller, you’d be required to walk over a couple of miles to reach the bridge from parking area. The area is rocky as well and hence, we strongly recommend wearing sturdy footwear.

The tide pools adjacent to the bridge is a home to starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and many other variety of small fish. We recommend hiring a guide to walk you through and enlighten you about these sea creatures. On the way back, hydrate yourself with lime-soda or other beverages before heading back to the parking and then to your hotel.

Day 6: Ride to Bharatpur Beach and return to Port Blair

On this day, you’d be visiting the last 2 beaches in this 7-day Andaman itinerary. Check out of your hotel and visit Bharatpur Beach which has one of the lesser explored reefs. The only recommended activity on this beach is glass bottom boat ride to view the corals. The boatman often takes you deep in the sea and educates about the marine life.

And finally, the last point on this Andaman itinerary. Head to Chidiya Tapu (translating to ‘island of the birds’) on the way back to see the mesmerising sunset on this rocky beach while eating jhalmurhi, a snack popular in Bengal and around made our of puffed rice and a lot of spices. Head back to Port Blair and check in to your hotel #4 (it can be the same as #1 too). Take a good sleep!

Day 7: The last leg of your 7-day Andaman Itinerary!

Pat yourself on your back if you were courageous enough to scuba dive into the ocean, or to take a walk on the sea bed, or even to snorkel far away from the shore! By the end of this curated 7-day Andaman Itinerary, I’m sure your phone memory will be full with amazing photographs. We wish that you all take a very good care of yourselves while executing this itinerary. Do share your experiences in comments down below!

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